Please provide us with the following information. This way the best quality of your e-books made available at Dimcos Publishing System is assured.
1. E-book – PDF or ePub format
1.1 File size- Recommended maximum size is 20Mb.
– An e-book containing mainly text is normally approximately less than 1Mb in size.
– An e-book with just pictures can be closer to 20Mb
It is possible to add an e-book that is more than 20Mb in size to the bookstore but it
might not be convenient for the customer, hence long downloading times.

1.2 Resolution – 72 dpi is a desired resolution of e-book. E-books with higher resolution will be optimized to obtain a smaller file size.
1.3 First page of the e-book (PDF-file) – Picture of the cover of the printed version or similar for the first page is preferred.
It is worth having the first page of the e-book the same or similar to the cover of the
printed book; an e-book with an attractive cover stands out better in the virtual library
and in the bookstore.

1.4 Hyperlinks – Hyperlinks can add value to the e-book.
1.4.1 links within the e-book; for example list of content as links
1.4.2 links to other location(s) outside the e-book; for example links to other internet sites.
1.5 Protection – The original PDF-file should be sent without any protection i.e. no password protection etc. The software will not allow the adding of protected files.

2. Picture for the cover – Preferable as a JPG-file.
2.1 JPG-file: With 180 px – Resolution 72 dpi – RGB – format
The picture for the bookstore should be same as the first page of the e-book (as described earlier at point 1.3)

3. Information of the e-book
Please find the information area to fulfill and named with the book ISBN
3.1 ISBN (E-books have their own ISBN-codes which are different from those of printed books) If you have no ISBN number please use xxxx. You can make the changes later.
3.2 Name of the book
3.3 Series (if the book is part of some series)
3.4 Author (s)
3.5 Publisher
3.6 Publishing year
3.7 Edition
3.8 Language
3.9 Number of pages
3.10 Price (Please note; Price without UK VAT.)
3.11 Keywords
3.12 Classification
3.13 Recommendations for protection
3.13.1 Limitations of use – Copying and printing of the e-book are limited.
3.14 Brief description of the book
For example text from the back covers of the book or part of the introduction. List of content can be added to the description to give more information to the customer.
4. Delivering the materials – The materials can be directly uploaded in the system, email or via FTP.
4.1 Via email – All required materials in one email, files as attachments to Uploading will be separately charged. Please be in contact with the publishers service managers publishers(@)
4.3 FTP – Please contact Dimcos technical support

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