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Welcome to the world of 4th Generation Publishing – Social Publishing

Social publishing provides the cost effective ability for anyone to publish anything, anywhere. Dimcos has developed the commercial solution to monetize digital and social media within this new business model. The Dimcos proposition has the potential to disrupt current and traditional publishing processes, by empowering the individual to publish a digital content rather than printed media through traditional publishing channels. Opening up publishing to a universal audience, whilst monetising the content.

Dimcos webstore is based on transactional fees for customers. Publisher pays per upload, plus a monthly fee. Uploading fee is charged upon uploading the content to service. Fees are charged separately on base of the usage of the published content. Publisher gets 100 % of all sales. See the price list.

5 Dimcos key marks

  • Anyone can set up their own Dimcos e-book store.
  • E-book store where you get 100% of the sales.
  • See purchases made by your customers and you get the payments on your selected bank account.
  • For organizational sales Dimcos offers its library system’s modern lending functions you choose to enable.
  • Easy and customer friendly technology enables you to manage, sell and distribute books safely.

 How to create your own living ebook store with Dimcos

 1) Create Account by clicking ‘Take me to Dimcos Publisher’

2) Create Publisher Account

3) Upload your material in PDF -format

–          make sure that your PDF:s are not protected

–          PDF file must be under 80Mb

–          Cover picture file must be under 1Mb

–          If you have no Isbn number use xxxx instead.

–          All information can be updated

General Terms and Conditions

  • Dimcos is an e-book store concept where the readers of Dimcos books will be able to share their favorite books with other readers on social media, create personal social media environments for discussions etc. The concept will enable commenting on books or even creating discussion forums within a book. The technology manages the copyrights and enables the selling and distribution of books safely to be read on tablets and other devices.
  • Disclaimer
  • Dimcos makes no representations or warranties with respect to the Dimcos e-publishing service or to the contents thereof and specifically disclaims any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose.
  • Furthermore, Dimcos reserves the right to revise the service and to make changes in the Dimcos e-publishing service from time to time and in the contents thereof without obligation tonotify any person of such revisions or changes.
  • Dimcos disclaims responsibility for any content published in the Dimcos e-publishing service by a third party. The author or publisher guarantees it has the copyright to distribute the content. Dimcos reserves the right to close any customer account in case of misuse.
  • Dimcos applies generally accepted protection standards and will not be responsible for any costs incurred to the publisher due to copyright violations against the Dimcos publishing system.
  • Copyright
  • Copyright © Dimcos Ltd. 2011. All rights reserved.
  • Copyright and all other rights including, without limitation, all intellectual property rights and titles in or pertaining to this material, all information contained therein, related documentation and their modifications and new versions and other amendments shall remain with Dimcos Ltd. or its licensors.
  • No part of this service may be reproduced, distributed, disclosed, stored in a retrieval system or translated into any language, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, magnetic, optical, photocopying, manual or otherwise, without the prior permission in writing of Dimcos.

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