Database Maintenance

Main Administrator: Dimcos Oy, Ltd Kalasvahantie 16, 21120 Raisio, Finland

Administrators: Kristian Laiho

Tel +358443354410
Network Administrators:

Ixonos Finland



Database Name:

The Function of the Database

Dimcos platform allows anyone to publish anything they choose, to a global audience and receive a financial return. Digital content can be monetized through the Dimcos database services by selling the content to private persons and organizations.

Database Users

Content Administrator, researchers and postgraduate students, research groups, undergraduate students, teachers, administration staff as well as other staff in universities, research establishments, educational institutions, funders/sponsors, libraries, archives, museums, state administration, the press, and the public.

The Content of Database

The content of the database mainly consists documents and research publications, as well other artistic, scientific, and social functions that readers and content creators are committed to. Attachments and links to other websites can be added to the database.

Stored Personal Information

The personal information of certain persons is available only for  the database and can be accessed by Dimcos administrator. This information can be used in collecting user information when profiling the userdata, marketing and securing any possible abuse.


The Administrator will not give out personal information to external parties without the person’s consent.

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