General help in using Dimcos

This page is for readers only. If you are a content publisher or creating a library you need to go to links specified to these services.

What is Dimcos?

Dimcos is the new 4th generation Social Publishing platform to read and distribute publications online. Dimcos offers a way for you and your friends and colleagues to read and discuss about the content you own. The content can be read with multiple devices from your own bookshelf where all your content exists.

The best way to learn about Dimcos is to login to the website and get few examples to your bookshelf you find down right on the green line.

What are the rules in using Dimcos?

Please read our terms of use to find out everything you need to know about content distribution and user rules.

 Will Dimcos always be free?

Yes, there will always be a free version of Dimcos, but the content that is sold by third parties will always be priced by the copyright owners.

Can I give my books to my friends?

There is a limitation for the usage of the content that exists in your bookshelf. If you are giving your passwords to third party Dimcos will automatically log out other users. So there is one user at the time.

Do all people see my notes and comments?

No you decide if you want to share your comments in the social media. The other readers will see the comments. This is also enriching the title in the future. Notes are your own personal staff. If you do not want to read others comments you can just close this service.

Can I publish my own documents?

Yes you do and that is truly easy. You can also make your own community so that only your selected readers will get the content. Try here it`s fun!

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