The Association of Finnish eLearning Centre will start sharing their publications in the social media service of Dimcos Ltd. You will find eLearning Centre’s SeOppi magazine, research reports and other material in one place, in this service. The purpose of this cooperation is to help people find and access the association’s materials. The service is free. You can access the publications by registering for the service.

The Association of Finnish eLearning Centre is a national association that promotes the use, research and development of eLearning and digital education realizations in companies, educational establishments and other organizations. The goal is to create diverse prerequisites and activate members to develop and deploy high-quality eLearning solutions. The association functions as a cooperation forum for communities and people who create, use and develop eLearning materials.  Association of Finnish eLearning Centre and the industry’s best experts provide topical knowledge about the development, latest trends and experience in eLearning to its members. The association is a national networking organization with regional partners and international contacts.

A member of the Association of Finnish eLearning Centre, Dimcos Ltd is a service provider for e-publications, a pop-up marketplace solution for content providers who enables commenting the content and creating discussion forums within the e-books. The readers of Dimcos e-books will be able to share their favorite e-book titles with their friends and other readers in social media or create new discussion forums. The technology created by Dimcos is used in managing the publication’s value chain, where the content provider can automatically convert their publications to e-books and sell them to consumers and libraries. Like Spotify, this concept supports various data terminal equipment without separate downloads. Publishers and content providers can produce their publications for sale for the price of online advertising, without commission. Dimcos is available in Finnish, English and Russian.

The publications can be e-books, reports or other documents that you want to share from a single point for purchase or for free. Thus the service can be used as a marketplace or a library environment, where content may be published, bought and sold easily.

For more information:

Titi Tamminen, Association of Finnish eLearning Centre,  040-8696 306

Kristian Laiho, Dimcos Ltd, kristian.laiho @ 044-3354 410

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