Dimcos is the living e-book platform

Dimcos is launching a groundbreaking e-book concept as full SAAS service where the users can read books together!

The user can share the title with other readers and make separate social media environments for discussions etc. Any e-book can have separate discussion forums inside of the book! You can create groups that are visible for selected readers.
Dimcos is a new e-book concept where you can offer your publications for sale at a price of a web advertisement.

With Dimcos publishing concept you get:

Easy and customer friendly technology to manage copyrights, that enable you to sell and distribute books safely.

Web store where you decide what your customers pay you.

Service environment where you see purchases made by your customers and you get the payments on your selected bank account.

You can define the price of your e-book and you get 100% of that price to yourself!

Only deductions from profit are the possible transactional charges defined by banks and payment systems.

Your customers get an online bookshelf with HTML 5 technology and other latest solutions.

For organizational sales Dimcos offers its library system containing all modern lending functions you choose to enable.

Dimcos also offers a free blog and possibility to link your e-book to any web site, Facebook, Twitter or other social media services.

Dimcos also  uses these channels for marketing, which guarantees visibility for target customer segments.
Dimcos webstore is based on transactional fees for customers. Publisher pays per uploaded title plus a monthly service fee. The book is in Dimcos service for desired time in three (3) months cycles. Uploading fee is charged upon uploading the content to service. Monthly fees are charged separately on base of the usage of the published content.

Contacts: Dimcos@dimcos.com Tel +358 44 335 4410 http://www.dimcos.com

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