Dimcos – the Content Economy Carrier


High quality content is the main source of revenue for the Creative Industries and other Digital Content Providers and also instrumental for their competitiveness in a large, international market. The challenge is to maximize the potential for re-use and re-purposing of all types of digital content, for instance, by directly conceiving and creating content usable in different contexts and technical environments; improving its granularity; increasing its ability to dynamically adapt to the users; generating more realistic digital models; embedding semantic knowledge; and other approaches to make content “smarter” thanks to new and emerging technologies.

Dimcos is explicitly designed for this purpose.

The big question is, who will own the customer, who’s got the most powerful connection in the disrupted media world?  We at Dimcos profess that it is the content itself, the power of the story is the strongest carrier and loyalty maker whether it is a museum exhibition guide with video-aided round tour, production manual within an international corporation or any learning material.

Dimcos exists for the next generation content economy

Dimcos does not compete in the ad dollar market, we focus on generating revenue based on the value creation with content. When the content is valuable for its users, it will automatically generate income, improved profitability or some other economic benefits for the content publisher. So it all has to do with the quality and relevance of the content – the story. When these prerequisites are put in place, multiple content generating business models can be executed, far more lucrative than just fighting of ad dollars.

There is a fourfold approach that clarifies the power of the Dimcos business model

First of all, the amount of information in the Web is doubling each year. Succeeding in media and content attachment is increasingly demanding, the competition of people’s limited time becomes harsh.  The media becomes more and more disruptive, not just due to information overload and increased number of social channels but to the fact that people naturally allocate their time to content that is dearest and most useful, provided in closed communities with people sharing the same interests. This content is very valuable for the community members, it might contain ads but only to a certain extent and is precisely targeted, presumed that is allowed by the community members for the benefit of all.

The most important thing is that the content itself is the center of valuable interaction, learning and adoption mechanisms within the community – not the channel providing the content. Dimcos –aided Social Publications function as a dialogue carrier for the community members. In this world of disruptive media transformation with limited time allocation, classic promotional material loses of its significance to be replaced to some extent with high quality user-group adequate contents. Dimcos makes this happen at scale.

Secondly, the question arises what happens to the content itself in the media transformation. The prevalent trend is that communications is made and content created according to the technical features and preconditions provided by the social channels and platforms, i.e. the content needs to adopt itself to the channel. The more targeted and precise the communications need is – due to increased media disruption and information volumes – the more important is the quality and relevance of the content.

This is where Dimcos comes in. We ensure that the content is relevant from the user experience point-of-view. When the story works, adoption will take place resulting in desired user behavior. Every single story – publication – has its own audience and interactive user community. Dimcos enables the audience to participate and join in the story creation process – making it to a shared experience between the publisher and co-publishers – the user community itself. This act of self-empowerment is the fuel for all engagement no matter of audience. The only variation lies in the context of use determining then the business value. Dimcos provides versatile opportunities and makes it all happen at scale.

Thirdly, when putting together sections one and two above, the only remaining question is how to make the content distribution and attachment maintenance powerful. The current overall distribution trend is based on published content volumes, multiple social channels/search engines and millions of users. Additionally, these platforms are free to users because data is collected from them. This data is a key revenue generator, used to target ads or resold to other parties. This ad-market logic will face serious troubles. Ads are increasingly blogged, there is increasing information overload, social platforms are disrupting themselves, seeking and availability of information is becoming more complicated.

In a world of information overload two communications “tubes” are emerging; the one with free social platforms as we see them today but with rapidly increasing amount of information, the ad-dollar market using heavy marketing automation tools and the other one with chargeable/valuable contents distributed to targeted groups and user communities. This precise distribution “tube” flows within the free Internet utilizing it like a surfer using his board in big waves. Brand or closed communities as well as chargeable content providers use this opportunity to create interest and magnetism towards and within the content – the story – but the real value creation with multiple earning logics happens within the stories.

There is a series of questions the emerging content economy raises. People are keen on their privacy in the Web, privacy protecting legislation is on its way, for ex. the privacy act within the EU. Secondly, a series of other questions are to be considered in a near future, such as copyrights management as a very big issue, the location of data and control of distribution of contents from two different perspectives: traceability of published content as well as ensuring its correctness.

Dimcos has already the needed distribution intelligence with adequate rules. The same content might have different purposes depending on who’s the audience and how it will distributed. The business logic varies accordingly. The amount of granularity does not make any difference, the clever content production, the ease of publishing and large scale viral distribution with Dimcos is the key – allowing versatile content specific earning models story-specifically. Dimcos prevents also the loss of published material in the Internet.  

Fourthly, monitoring the reader behavior and attachment is crucial.  If the story does not carry, the reader community rejects it. The social platforms and search engines make constantly intelligent analytics with structured and non-structured data but it designed for the ad-dollar-market needs. It lacks of heavy personalization created with contents that are used within theme-specific user communities and are under heavy copyrights protection and restricted distribution laws.

Dimcos focuses on monitoring story by story – publication by publication. The basic statistics tell about user volumes and reading frequency. But Dimcos-provided monitoring informs also about the quantity and quality of the dialogue, i.e. how people join, share and get involved – measuring people’s engagement.

Mastering of value chains

We at Dimcos believe in heavily disrupting media and increasing content granularity. The phenomenon does not just apply to single content provider’s offering. It will also include networks of content providers who work closely together in order to maintain their competiveness in an international market. They will be forced to do so since there will be a heavy trend towards consolidation of offering.

Dimcos represents the new era of content economy needing a clever platform for mastering the whole value chain from content creation among multiple creators to protected and controlled distribution including monitoring of the power of story.

Dimcos is the wall-to-wall content economy hub within specified business areas with high scalability and embedded new business models.



We read and write more than ever

We live in attention and experience economy where people read, write and publish more than ever: Dimcos helps its customers to create and strengthen their consumer communities with a target to improve customer loyalty and service experience level by making digital publishing to a real business asset where publishing and media creation is made simple and cost-efficient, for anyone and anywhere.

Dimcos is specialized in social e-publishing technology and related business development services. Social e-publishing means that the publication contents can easily be enriched with pictures, video streams and links etc. Secondly, it means the capability for the masses to accumulate their individually developed, acquired or procured content into a usable repository and shared channel for social use and feedback, i.e. the social media interactivity is the key issue.

In practise, Dimcos transforms e-publications into publication specific media platforms and web stores.

E-Books Could Be The Future Of Social Media

In the future, e-books will act just like social networks. We’ll use them on our phones, share and comment right inside e-reader apps, and publishers will use our data to help them make better marketing decisions. If you think digital reading is exploding now, just wait.

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Dimcos is offering most of these tools allready today so you can easily try and see how it works – this is not just a theory.